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Pool Mate drop down - 2 x 1 Quart

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  • Effectively flocculates organic and inorganic particles suspended in swimming pool water.
  • Binds Together Particles
  • Clears Cloudy Water
  • Particles Sink to Floor of pool for Easy Vacuuming
This Pool Mate drop down binds together both organic and inorganic particles that cause water to appear cloudy. Once unwanted particles are bound together they sink to the pool floor making it easier for a pool vacuum or drain to clean them away. This product will effectively flocculate organic and inorganic articles in swimming pool water.

For Cartridge Filter Pools: You must have the capability to vacuum to waste (by-pass filtration) to properly use this product as a flocculant.
General Directions: Test pool water pH with a reliable test kit, adjust pH to 7.2 or greater if necessary. For highly turbid pool water, turn off pump; and dispense approximately 4 oz. of this product per 5,000 gallons of water evenly over the water surface and then immediately brush pool walls and steps. Wait 24-72 hours to allow organic and inorganic articles to settle to pool floor.
Additional Directions for Cartridge Filter Pools: With the pool pump off, remove filter element and then reassemble filter canister. Prepare to manually vacuum pool to waste. Turn pool pump on and slowly vacuum pool until heavy sediment is removed. Turn pump off, reinstall filter element, and resume normal filter operation for at least 24 hours. Monitor pressure on(more...)

Pool Mate

Pool Mate is a private-label brand of pool chemicals and products. These products are sourced from high-end manufacturers that meet our highest standard of efficacy, durability, and quality. The Pool Mate brand is available online and at premium brick and mortar retailers across the country.

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