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Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid, 2 Liters

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  • Works great on pollen and oil leaks / spills
  • Cleans up dead algae, pollen and other forms of organic contamination
  • Combines a concentrated blend of SMARTZyme technology with a clarifier
  • Compatible with all sanitizers
  • Cleans up vandalized pools
Natural chemistry's pool first aid combines powerful broad spectrum natural enzyme formula with our non-living organic clarifier to fix pool problems fast. Pool first aid will: clean water of dead algae, pollen, oil/fuel leaks, spills, anti-freeze residue, paint, vandalism, & other forms of non-living organic water contamination. Pool first aid contains smartzyme technology. smartzyme technology wastes no time breaking down non-living organic materials. A small amount of natural chemistry's enzymes can treat large amounts of water due to their ability to bind to non-living organic contaminants & reduce them to smaller & smaller parts, breaking them down to their original components such as carbon dioxide & water.

Natural Chemistry

Robert Kulperger recognized a growing demand for naturally based yet reliable products. Being a chemical engineer, he was inspired by natures ability to continually transform energy and matter quickly and efficiently. Thus Natural Chemistry was born and pool and spa formulas were launched as products

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